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Our practice is modern and well-equipped as we have invested extensively in some of the best technology available today. We believe this is vital in helping us to quickly diagnose and treat dental problems, and we want you to benefit from high-quality dental care at every visit.

Digital Dental X-Rays and Sensors
Digital dental x-rays produce high-resolution images that assist our dentists in making accurate diagnoses. They are also safer for our patients, emitting up to 80 per cent less radiation and protecting the environment by eliminating the need for chemicals to develop traditional film.

Panoramic X-Rays (OPG)
A panoramic x-ray provides a full smile view of the teeth, bone, sinuses and jaw joints. Our dentists find panoramic x-rays particularly useful when planning extractions, orthodontics and surgeries.
Like our digital x-ray system, the panoramic x-ray takes only moments to capture. The machine will move around the head while you stand still.

Cone Bean CT (CBCT) scan
This is the newer form of technology that takes our X-ray capabilities to the next level.
(Installing, ready to be used in July)

Electric Handpieces
One of the biggest complaints we hear from patients is that they do not like the vibration and noise associated with dental treatment. Electric handpieces are quieter than their air-driven predecessors and make procedures more efficient.

Rotary Endodontics
Root canals are perhaps the dental treatment with the most negative reputation. Modern rotary instruments, however, have made treatment more comfortable, accurate and faster.

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